i burned her but she coming to life again.

Jul 25, 2017
SO i had burned her with nutes the other day, fyi sativa are light feeders. but what i did was flush her out and let the new leaves grow so hopefully she can come to life.
Vegetation, 8 weeks
Apollo haze (sativa) from seedsherenow.com
Big bud (hybrid) from from a vet
BrownDuck 27 days ago
Im sorry to see your plant like that. Looks like it took long to get to that stage.
Masta_Che 26 days ago
suprisingly it was only a month after i cloned her, i just mainlined her really short and applied l.s.t. on the new branching, and with a consistent feeding schedule with some extra goodies she was able to get like that and for a sativa, that is pretty dope lol, but at least i saved cuttings so hopefully back to the drawing board, but without failure there is no success. fyi the lights we got, may take flowering a bit longer depending on the strain, i had mines as close to 8 " and she just takes her time. but well worth it.
Orion_growing 22 days ago
How did you make reveg?
Masta_Che 22 days ago
time and patience and just nitrogen very watered down,