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Flower stage

–°hanged May 24, 2017
Well this apollo haze after two weeks of preflower(MAY1-14) she is now in flower stage, feedings well be phosphorus, potassium, canna boost for foilar and molasses. today is day 3 of flowering. she has been l.s.t. and so far she gets 1 gallon of water a week, since she is in a 10 gallon pot.
Flowering, 2 weeks
Apollo Haze (sativa) from Seedsherenow.com
dexaa 8 days ago
gl to u bro!
Masta_Che 7 days ago
thanx homie
  • Flowering
    2 weeks
  • flower
    May 24, 2017
    SO here is my apollo haze now in second week of flower, fed her today took her off the scrog net just to be able to manipulate her n turn her around as she goes, what do you guys think? she in a 10 gallon pot
  • Flowering
    1 week
  • Helping patients
    May 20, 2017
    SO this week i have been helping a patient who has obstructive intestine. what i have done was brew a tea of just cannabis leaves and peppermint with honey to sweeten the deal, so far the patient has a smile on her face and is now convinced that cannabis is the way to go medicinally,
  • Here is my tea for my flowering plant, ingredients is as follows: 1 1/2 tbs of molasses, 1 tbs of guano 0-10-0. 1/8 tsp of raw potassium, 1 tsp of 13 essentials. 1/4 tsp of microbe life hydroponics photosynthesis 5ml of canna boost, and 1 tbs of epsom salt.
  • what my mission is
    May 17, 2017
    this is what i do when im not online, helping people get the meds they need, this patient here is suffering from a broken neck and bones in the body, needs meds to grow but doesnt trust people around his way so as a favor of good will and gods doing i am sending him some bay 11 seeds along with two pannhlets, one for i... Read more