6 weeks in to flowering I think...

Mar 6, 2017
Not sure if it's mites or mold but I've seen the odd bit of fuzz, like little dots, almost like necrotic looking trichromes on the end of a rare deadening leaf. It barely happens and I doubt it will effect the bud but I'm not sure what it is exactly. Also my Two Mexicans seem to have started to herm on me. I'm guessing it's most likely the genetics since its bag seed but is it possible it's from keeping my light (1400w equivalent LED) too close to the flowering tops? Light stress that leads to fem seeds....
Flowering, 6 weeks
3 heirloom Mazar i Sharif (indica) from Vancouver Seed Bank,
2 Malawi (sativa) from Malberry seeds care of Hempdepot.ca
2 heirloom Mexican (sativa) from Hand sourced from decent quality bag seed in Todos Santos Mexico on the Baja peninsula. Hand carried back to Canada by a friend.
Kuartermaster Mar 7, 2017 2:19 AM
According to my research it's botrytis. Any idea how susceptible my buds might be to this once they start drying? So far despite very minor trace presence in the grow room none of the buds have succumbed. Anyone have any experience dealing with is?
48Photons Mar 24, 2017 6:35 AM
Jorge has a cleaning solution he bathes his questionable buds in prior to curing. I'm assuming your about half way with your bloom cycle. Sorry wish I had more for you. Good luck