Obi Wan OG Kush ommp

Сhanged May 2, 2017
a strong emphasis on root development this round after i took some macros of Mycorrhiza on my roots at transplant.
Flowering, 6 weeks
Obi Wan OG Kush (indica) from Lumberjack Seed Source
AdminWGH Jan 24, 2017 5:56 AM
Welcome KiefinTheGreen Will you make posts with stages?
KiefinTheGreen Jan 28, 2017 6:17 AM
if i am making a series and want to add to it do i go to add new post add new report or edit report?i tried add new post
KiefinTheGreen Jan 26, 2017 12:05 AM
yes one video a week and reports as things come up
Masta_Che Jan 28, 2017 7:39 PM
luv the video, now, me i wouldve done a 5 gallon pot to get bigger plants, and because from a 16 oz to a 1 gallon, it will root ball really fast. but all in all i know the end result will be oh so satisfying.
KiefinTheGreen Jan 30, 2017 2:14 PM
i have always went from solo cups to 5 gal until this time i am doing things different because a lot of the growers i look up to go with smaller pots for 2 reasons one they say you can feed them more often and have less nutrient build up and the second reason is because these are normal seeds and i hope they will sex before i put them in there final pot and i am broke and do not want to spend money on medium that i do not have to. but from what i have seen so far it is better going to 5 gal
Masta_Che Feb 20, 2017 1:33 PM
yeah n depending on the strain, my sativas are doing excellent on the 5 growing but the indica is a slow rooter so it is not as big.
AdminWGH Feb 22, 2017 6:51 AM
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