The whole week of hard labor

Nov 29, 2016
Hi everyone!! The whole week of hard labor and... you can see the results! Today I gave 0,7/0,7/0,7 mix of nutrients (2 liters) 500 ppm pH 5.9 + sulphate. I brought scissors, wanted to cut leaves a bit... and just couldn't do it. If you look at the first leaves of all the ladies, you can see that they have lack of nitro. The new leaves look more beautiful. And that means – more nutrients! More! Auto Big Bang grows slowly... It is my first one and the weakest one... I added some more nutrients yesterday, and today there is a yellowish bloom on the roots again. Well, today is not the best day anyway. My fan got broken, my pH-meter got broken... it shows now -2 pH than it really is. Has anyone ever had this kind of problem? Can I use it further or should I spend money again? :( OMG, it all costs me a fortune...
Vegetation, 5 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)