Project is coming to an end

Nov 29, 2016
My growing project is coming to an end, and I want to finish it a bit earlier, I am too lazy to bring more water. I used 4 liters of water with Flora Clean (3 ml per 1 liter, 200 ppm, 400 ppm leaving water). I trimmed the leaves, they all turned yellow anyway, and some of the buds are starting to get dried right on the plant. And the most important thing, tomorrow I will start the night period for my lady. I will keep it in the darkness for 5 days. The buds have an intensive purple color, and I wonder what will they look like after the long night. They say, 3-7 days of darkness is good to stress the plant and make it create more crystals. I already tried a small bud from the lower branch, and the chemical taste has disappeared, which is really great. But even though the buds were raw, it hit me superhard...
Flowering, 11 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)