Ninth and tenth weeks of flowering have passed

Nov 29, 2016
Ninth and tenth weeks of flowering have passed, the widow got her nutrient mix (microcorp/CHE Flora gro /GHE Flora bloom/Bloombastic) 1/0,5/3/0,7, 800-860 ppm, 6,5 pH. Now, the buds look like grapes. Today, the 11th week of flowering has started. I watered coco with water with 140 ppm 6,5 pH, and made a new nutrient mix – Microcorp/MgSO4/Ripen/Bloombastic 1/0,7/1,5/0,7...600ppm 6,5 pH. I made 5 liters of this mix and poured everything into the coco. P.S. The buds of Big Bang made 35-40 grams. The taste waschemical, like paint or something, the aroma was better. The effect is very sedative, made me extremely sleepy.
Flowering, 10 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)