Let's go

Nov 29, 2016
So, today my only seed has germinated and I planted it into a 5-liter pot with coco. It's funny, the coco's origin is the Indian state Kerala, and as you might remember, White Widow's genetics is Kerala x Brazin. So, I hope it will feel like home for my lady, and she will be so happy that she will give me lots of yield in return :) If you are wondering, I made my coco soil by taking coco from the garden brick, immersed it into the water, just usual tap water, then I changed the water several times until it became clear. I poured the water away, added some vermiculite to my coco, I think it was something like 0,5 l. First, I wanted also to add perlite, but then changed my mind – coco is light enough and perlite would only store water, and I don't want this. On the bottom of the pot, I put coco fiber and coco chips. Then I put the seed into a peat tablet, watered it with a root stimulator and dug it into the pot. pH of the soil was 6.6. Let's wait...
Vegetation, 1 week
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)