Different WW

Nov 29, 2016
Two White Widows, one in the coco, another one in DWC pot. And they look like they belong to different strains. Does it really make such a big difference? Just the soil? Anyway, I changed the aerostones to bigger ones, took the compressor apart, and it had white dust inside. I guess, that's Ca. I cleaned it, hope it will work better now. At least it looks like it. Big Bang is also starting to bloom... but the widow in DWC is still behind... Today, I started to change the time regime, now it is 17/7. I am going to take one hour away every day. The lady in coco has a new nutrients mix 1,5/1,5/1,5/ + 0,5 MgSO4 1000ppm with water 150....
Flowering, 1 week
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)