Alone Widow

Nov 29, 2016
Hello brothers! Yesterday's miniharvest brought 105 gram raw buds. I made two snags 50 g each, let's see how much is left when they are dry. Widow is now all alone in the box, a true widow:) The buds have turned purple. They are probably putting on a mourning crape. Creepy. I deinstalled SCROG, 'coz some colas were so big, they didn't fit in the cells anymore. First, I thought to put it lower, but then I decided to set the plant free. It has only 4 weeks to grow anyway. I cut off all the weak and unnecessary leaves, and I hope it is for the best. Nutrient mix is 1/0,5/3/0,7, 860 ppm, 6,5pH; leaving water is 1160 ppm, 6,5 pH.
Flowering, 8 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)