All is good

Nov 29, 2016
We have it right here. I got so excited about my precious garden, it grows so nicely... no flowers yet, but the scent is amazing... I sprayed all the plants with sulphate, and then with Maxicorp as well. All the conditions are fine, 90F in daytime, humidity 40%, and 70F at night humidity 99%... at least my hydrometer shows that number. But yeah, there is indeed some fog inside my box, a real Indian jungle! I wonder what if I should add sulphate into the humidifier? It is kinda like aeroponics, right? P.S. I swapped the plant in DWC with the one in the box... I hope my Big Bang will start growing better... I hope....
Vegetation, 6 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)