3rd week start

Nov 29, 2016
Today's news are quite equivocal. I don't see any big reason to be happy or unhappy, but... Just in 18 hours, my growing box heated up to 97F (humidity 10%). How the hell is it possible? I was really shocked. I've just recently bought it. Then, I bought a humidifier and managed to decrease the temperature to 90.8F (humidity 35%). It is somewhat better + cool air goes to the fan (pic.3) near my ladies. My ladies look now much happier, especially the one in the coco (pic.2), it grows like mad :). Even the small weirdo started to grow (I replanted it into the soil). But you know what I think: 600 Wt (pic.1) is way too much. I think 400 would fit better. P.S. More news. The water in my DWC heats up to 78-79F. Okaaaay, let's see what is coming next.
Vegetation, 3 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)