Nov 29, 2016
So, here are the result of my growing project. 170 grams of buds! The buds were drying right on the plant. To be honest, I wanted to get 250-300 grams. Why did I get less? I think I can guess several problems and will fix them in the future. The buds are not cured yet, but the aroma and taste is marvelous. I can't even describe it... fruity, subtle... I call it “bomb taste” :) We smoked it using a bong, it goes smoothly, the effect comes late, and an unexperienced user can easily overdose. It is fun, you don't have this meditation effect, well, maybe once or twice you start to think about something, but mostly it provides an uplifting and energizing effect. It works for 1,5 – 2 hours, maybe even longer.
Harvest, 20 weeks
White Widow (hybrid) from Errors seeds
Big Bang (hybrid)