Amnesia Haze

Feb 6, 2017
I started my Amnesia Haze clone from another one that was 3 weeks old, I'm considering my clone to be the same in weeks because it seems to make sense to me right now with the way the leafs are reacting.. So anyway I'm using a 600W LED grow light with two built in fans, and a separate desk fan with a clamp to be easily hung on something next to my plant. This fan is super fast and has 3 speed. I do my cycles on 9hrs with the 600W LED grow light and then 9 hours off, only because it's just a clone the plant only needs a small amount of light, a small amount of light or no light at all is what i recommend for starting this clone. But since my light is so high in wattage i do shorter cycles. Now I wait for 2 weeks till the roots start to develop more, more enough to be taken from my organic soil and transplanted into my soil-less Aquaponics set up into small clay rocks. Then in another 2 weeks after that the leafs come into play. Once my plant has been transported from that organic soil to just the clay rocks then I have successfully moved onto my Aquaponics system.. [click]
Flowering, 3 weeks
Indica (indica)