Entering Week 4 Veg

Mar 14, 2017
Whats up growers. This is BD here and I'm just letting you guys know that this is the end of the third week and we've entered the 4th week of VEG. I was going to put them under flowering mode, BUT I remembered that I used Walmart nutes and effed this grow up. Why do you say I effed it all up? Well because now I have to VEG longer until all the other nutes inside the soil are drawn up into the plant and expended as growing energy. What good can come out of this? Well I can clip and clone and keep a arsenal of clones at my disposal for future grows and gifts. What I haven't told any of you yet is that I began to experiment with cloning learning new things about it and HOW to do it. At this point I am successfully cloning 2 GG#4 plants that I will use in my next grow and I'm cloning a whole bunch more of Pineapple Kush clippings that I took from the pruning then 2 that I took from my Grape Ape teen. I will monitor my lower leaves until I notice a Nitrogen deficiency and then from there I will begin flowering. The bag says that I have 3 months of feed in that soil that I used but if you do the math its probably 1 more month since I have more of the plants uptake energy in use because of the lighting schedule so I should get about 1 more months worth of Nitrogen feed from them assuming this mix is for outdoor grows, which I'm sure it is. --------------------------------------------------------------- So far so good though. With both Pineapple Kush plants! They look healthy, but I might need to get some Cal Mag soon! -------------------------------------------------------------- PROBLEMS: I'm a new grower, second time actually attempting it and I've learned a lot in this grow... and more as I go. Over-fertilization is very real and apparently GG#4 was taking damage, and the reason this is noted is because the plant was only giving off 1 leaf per fan leaf. That's because I over-fertilized when there's already nutrients in the soil from my super new grower Miracle Grow potting mix. BUT I managed to save it because I removed the fertilizer I added to the top of the soil, (thank god I only added it to the top of the soil), and NOW I see the 5-7 piece leafs coming back into the plants grow. (This plant might be f***ed though) Also I had an issue where I had fungus gnats. But I managed to get that under control. My way of getting rid of these f***ing bugs was to let the soil dry out almost completely, for about 3 days, since I apparently was over watering and then I drenched the soil with a mix of (1CupHydrogenPeroxide3%:4CupsROWater) drink. What I had to do to get rid of most of them is also pulled out my household vacuum cleaner and sucked most if not ALL of the adult fungus gnats that were flying around my plants into non existence (Vacuum bag). No worry about this because I placed my vacuum outdoors so they stay out of my house. I did this for about 3 days while my soil dried it and then I drenched the baby worm gnats into hell with my plant drink peroxide mix. After that I haven't seen many at all and the rest that are flying around and just dying off looking for somewhere to lay there eggs while I don't give them the moisture they need to thrive. Those bugs can be a b**ch. Other than that I'm happy to grow and I love it. It's been a very happy month since I received my first GG#4 clone and I'm going to continue doing this. I will report again on the 3/19 since 3/12 was the end of the third week.
Vegetation, 4 weeks
Pineapple kush (hybrid) from Clone
AdminWGH Mar 17, 2017 2:19 AM
Very good. Try to use LST next time.
BrownDuck Mar 17, 2017 12:31 PM
I did use LST brother