Entering Week 4 of Flower

Apr 9, 2017
So far so good, ladies and gentlemen! I've been taking good care of these every day and the only problem I ran into is when I under watered these girls. They're doing pretty good. I'm starting to think these two came off 2 different mothers because they both have their own personality. One decided to shed leaves off the bottom early, and the other just kept them. I came to this conclusion because the PH of both the pots are between, 6.5-6.6 and that's perfect and I've been feeding both the same. The plant on the left uses up a lot of water due to the leaves so I think it might yield heavier due to that, but who knows! The one on the right does have fatter buds. Well this is the end of my journal for this week. Welcome to the entering of WEEK 4!
Flowering, 4 weeks
Pineapple kush (hybrid) from Clone
Orion_growing Apr 10, 2017 7:58 AM
They are beautiful!
BrownDuck Apr 10, 2017 12:11 PM
Thank you :)