Entering Week 6 of Veg [root rot beat!!]

Oct 9, 2017
I am in week 6 at the moment and I am pleased to announce that my root rot has been cured. what I used to cure my root rot is 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 gallon of pure water mixed with solution which will be my feed I used one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per gallon and I began to see results. The Roots begin to whiten and also I've noticed new white Roots growing out of the old roots the older Roots also became thicker and able to absorb nutrients again the only thing I noticed when I begin to use 3% hydrogen peroxide is that new foliage twist it's justoa little bit and that was all. other than that the water was more oxygenated due to hydrogen peroxide being added to it and it was also killing whatever bacteria there was inside the reservoir. every single day I also add 1 teaspoon per gallon of hydrogen peroxide to counteract any root rot building in the reservoir it took about 1 week 2 fix but it actually worked . i found the Cure on YouTube I was skeptical at first and you should be too but try it and you will see that it actually works. If the roots look a little brown it is not because of root rot anymore it is actually due to the fact that the roots are being stained from the rapid absorption of the nutrients that I use . since they are organic they leave that staining on the roots.
Vegetation, 6 weeks
Nordle (hybrid) from CBD Crew
Skunk Haze (hybrid) from CBD Crew
BrownDuck 13 days ago
One thing I might want to add is that the reason why I have so many grammatical mistakes on my paragraphs because I am using Google Voice to Text but either way my message is still clear enough so it just makes everything easier if you have any questions let me know
BrownDuck 13 days ago
Also if you have root rot do not worry about buying that expensive s*** that you buy on the internet that you have to dilute with pure water to get 3% hydrogen peroxide. the one from the discount store which cost about a dollar works just as well as that does. do not fall for the commercial sh**. it works I am proof of it