Entering week 5 of veg from clone

Oct 3, 2017
At the moment I am at a Race Against Time for veg I am racing against my flower room at the moment and so far it seems that I'm doing pretty good but I feel as if I'm running into problems with my reservoir and my roots my roots seem to exhibit some kind of root rot problem because they are turning slightly Brown I don't know if that is due to the rapid absorption of nutrients that I have which has a slight Brown tint color because it is an organic line of nutrients I have taken out my pots out of the reservoir and The Roots seem to have a slight yellowish brownish color and they seem to be somewhat healthy but at the same time my plants seem to have slowed down in the veg phase maybe I messed up somewhere and maybe I need to start doing something different and for now I will try to find out the root cause of my rot and then I'll fix it from there using some kind of hydrogen peroxide solution and if I find out I'll let you guys know so you guys can use it in the future as well so you won't run into the same problems as mine. Then again it might just be root staining from the nutrients that I'm using they are known to give the root a brown little tan but we'll see where it goes and I'll keep you guys updated
Vegetation, 5 weeks
Nordle (hybrid) from CBD Crew
Skunk Haze (hybrid) from CBD Crew
BrownDuck 20 days ago
Just to let you guys know the two bottom plants that are at the bottom pot are actually to clones that I put about 2 weeks ago because the first clone that I put in there somehow had some kind of issue with growing so I just replaced it with two new plants that was 2 weeks ago and those plants have healthy root systems now so that's why they are smaller than the big huge plant in the back so technically those are about 2 weeks behind I just felt like I needed to clarify that with you guys and if it seems weird that I'm texting or typing like this it is because I am using Google Voice to Text mode to write these paragraphs