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CBD Nordle #2 and CBD Nordle #3

–°hanged Dec 1, 2017
These are Nordle 2 and Nordle 3. Im naming them from the order of the seed germination. Nordle #2 is the bushy slow growing moderate yielding pheno and Nordle #3 is the bigger faster growing plant that is also bushy. I am growing Nordle #2 because I harvested a plant in the last run and the bud turned out dense and very good. Im using it as my antideppressant so thanks. Nordle #3 was a seed I popped during the last germination and waited for this run to grow it. So far I kept the shorter nordle #2 because the bud is great. I still have clones of the Skunk Haze #1 and Nordle #1 from the last grow, but Im.not giving it a go because although Nordle #1 grew very frosty bud, the plant stretched so much during flower. So much in fact that I had trouble taming it. I crossed Skunk Haze #1 and Nordle #1 from Skunk Haze #1 pollen nanners that popped from the last grow. I popped 2 so far but well see how it turns out on the last grow. Weed Grow Hub. You guys are good. Thanks again for the strains. Me and my wife are happy now and I think this strain is amazing for deppression.
Flowering, 1 week
CBD Nordle #2 (hybrid) from CBD Crew
CBD Nordle #3 (hybrid) from CBD Crew