Entering Week 6 of veg from Seed

Aug 12, 2017
This is week 6 of my grow and so far I have failed at Hydroponics .so what I had to do is pull my plans out of the hydroponic system and put them in soil for recovery. I had to trim the roots due to root rot and so far the white portion of the roots that has been left on the plant has been recovering ever since but I am getting the hang of Hydroponics I have realized that the reason why I was failing is because I was using apple cider vinegar as pH Down in that is really bad for plants also it's a very unstable pH Downer . Unstable meaning that the pH would rise again within six hours all the way up to above 7. one very important thing I've have learned also is that RO water is extremely necessary for Hydroponics. I am experimenting on one of my plants using soil as the growing medium and letting the roots grow out the bottom into a hydroponic system and so far I've noticed that lemon juice is the best pH Down stabilized liquid I can use. my other plans have been going well though I moved the grape Apes up to the front and I also have a nortle plant inside the green little pot. The plant inside the small green pot is the one that I am using as the hydroponic experiment and so far I have noticed that the roots are growing down into the nutrient solution. I am gaining about one set of leaves per day at this point and now all the roots have touched the nutrient solution yet so I am expecting greater growth with time.
Vegetation, 6 weeks
Nordle and Skunk Haze (hybrid) from CBD Crew and Weedgrowhub
Masta_Che Aug 12, 2017 11:09 AM
yeah def ro is nessecary for hydro, since tap has chlorine in it and alot of calmag, im experiencing same issue with soil as well, which will be my next big investment, and light leakage which i have been fixing today, other than that as all great ppl we need to fail in order to succeed.