Welcome clone!

Dec 13, 2016
News from the fields! The clone that I expected to die was placed under the HPS lighting. I decided it will either take what I'm giving it or die. And suddenly, it started to grow! Got scared probably:) I will transplant it today, will find some bigger pot for it. As for my Lowryder lady... Yesterday, I was full of ideas and was busy with the wire. Then I was busy with the transplanting. And now, I need to calm down. So, this is what has changed: I got new lighting in my tent, now it is Sylvania Gro Lux 250 Wt Plus 36 Wt Fluora x2; 36 Wt Gro Lux x2 The clone, as I have already said, was transplanted. First, I wanted to plant it in a small pot. I put it inside coco, but it was not enough. So, I added perlite, vermiculite, I was even thinking of adding usual soil, but then I noticed that the water goes out very slowly. This means, in the future I will have looooooots of problems with it, so I decided to take a bigger pot. Well, the pot... in fact, I found a 5 liter bucket, drilled the holes in the bottom, and put the soil mixture inside the bucket. Then I realized there was not enough soil for 5 liters. I was covered completely with dirt, but finally I managed to make a soil mix: 80% coco, 10% vermiculite, 10% perlite. The rest of the evening I was cleaning the bathroom:( Then I made a nutrient mix for 5 liters: 3 ml Flora Nova + 7.5 ml Diamond Nectar 1.5 liters went for watering Lowryder 3.5 liters for the clone. I decided to give the clone the same nutrients as the Lowryder. As for Lowryder, as I said before, I provided her with almost ideal conditions. So let's see how good the harvest will be. Don't even ask me what I will do with the clone, I have not a single idea. Probably, it will travel from one box to another. I will think about it some other time.
Vegetation, 1 week
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds