Turn to 12/12

Dec 13, 2016
Hello to everyone! I switched my tent to the 12/12 regime. Lowryder is flowering, but the clone is behaving suspiciously. What if it starts growing and tears my tent from the inside? It scares me... I made a new nutrient mix, everything is serious, no jokes (for 5 liters): Flora Nova Grow – 7 ml; Diamond Nectar - 7.5 ml; Bio Bloom - 1 ml; Mineral Magic - 2-3 g. I will make the next mix with different proportions. You can barely manage anything with these auto-strains, yesterday you started watering, today it is already flowering, and tomorrow you need a new mix... Well, if it goes further like this, and if the reward is sufficient, I actually don't mind:) Should I always grow autos, mmm?
Flowering, 1 week
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds