Second week starts

Dec 13, 2016
Hello to everyone who is following us! We are at two weeks now. Lowryder is growing more roots and getting generally better. The clone has adapted to the new conditions, and I think it has started its own veg stage. It looks like a little tree now, little leaves, little branches, everything is little – a little dream of a little grower:) I do not want a little yield, so I definitely need to do something with it. The conditions. After the previous watering, I just sprayed both of the plants 2 or 3 times a day. Tomorrow, I will water it thoroughly with 5 liters of the nutrient mix and will add sulfate to the spray water. Temperature is 68/78 F. The only problem so far is that the fan turns off at night, and I get paranoid about that.
Flowering, 2 weeks
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds