Dec 13, 2016
I still feel sorry for overdosing my lady yesterday, so today I watered her with usual clean water (5 liters). But then I watered with the nutrients anyway. I am curious whether it is possible to overdose the plant in coco... Okay, it is probably possible to overdose if you do not add clean water, but since I DID add water, can it happen anyway? Lowryder is pale, there are some yellowing leaves on the lower branches, but I think it is due to the autoflowering properties, not to nutrient overdosing. The lady is 16 inches from the ground, keeps on flowering, smelling, but the smell is not typical for Lowryder. I smoked my stash recently, the White Widow I used to grow several cycles ago. I think it was WW, but I am not sure about anything anymore... The nugs were broken in the jar, became wet and stank of cat piss :( And, as you might guess, the smoking was not the best. I am wondering now how freakily different strains are and how different are the effects they provide. Now, I feel soooo warm inside and soooo relaxed... I feel very positive, but not giggling... very energized, but at the same time cannot get up from the sofa... Okay, I had better shut up before I say something I should not...
Flowering, 2 weeks
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds