Let's start

Dec 13, 2016
So, let's start! Yesterday, I put a seed of Lowryder on the wet sponge, and today it got a nice root that burst from the shell like a chicken out of an egg. I immediately put it into the cup with the new soil and into the box under the HPS light. I hope I will see it over the soil surface tomorrow. Yesterday, while I was waiting for my little seed to germinate, I decided to try another thing: I wanted to experiment with clones. So, I cut off a lower branch from the Bubble Gum strain plant, right before it started to flower. I covered the end of the branch with root stimulator, sprayed a bit with water + MgSO4,.Then I simply stuck the clone into the wet soil. I have never tried to clone weed before. I put a cup with the little clone down into the box, thought it would be okay with the minimum light, but in an hour, all the leaves faced the main light. All I want is just to see what I can do with clones, whether it will survive and how it will flower. I put it into a different box. However, I have no idea what to do next, I have no place for another grown plant. A little bit of my story. Once upon a time, when I was a young innocent grower, I decided to begin with Lowryder 2, just like many other growers. I got a 15 cm beauty and a few nugs. The weed was very powerful, it gave me a super high that I still remember, just like all the other romantic moments of my youth. It was the taste you will remember for years. That is why all these years I was thinking of repeating the same experience, but this time to apply all of my growing skills. I wanted to find out whether it was really such an amazing weed, or it was just the magic of the first growing experience.
Vegetation, 1 week
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds