I cannot smell the Lowryder's aroma

Dec 13, 2016
Seven weeks, guys! Another thing I wanted to say... I cannot smell the Lowryder's aroma. Maybe I am too fast with the conclusions, but I think that weed in coco smells 10-100 times less than in soil. But even that slight aroma that I CAN smell reminds me of cat piss, just like the other autoflowering strains in coco. I hope it is going to change, but if not then I will try to grow something in soil next. However, the plant is flowering and promising me wonderful yields! As for the tent, I don't want to grow anything apart from the autoflowering strains in it. Not enough space, I cannot even put a camera in there to take a photo. And it is super inconvenient to work in it. A couple of pics of my Lowryder were taken from outside the tents, up from a chair.
Flowering, 4 weeks
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds