Dec 13, 2016
Hi to everyone! For a whole week, my little Lowryder tried to adapt. I didn't give it enough attention since I was ill, so let's count the beginning of veg since today. It seems that the plant is fine in its little cup, I can already see the second pair of leaves. Let's wait till it uses all the soil, and then I will replant it to something bigger. I do not water it, mostly spray it when needed. I'm thinking of adding an extra fan and a humidifier. I am not really happy about this tent but I will explain why a bit later. Hi to everyone!! Today, I transplanted Lowryder to the aeropot with coco. I also made a new nutrient mix: 3 ml Flora Nova Gro + 7 ml Diamond Nectar = 5 liters mix The coco: First, I put some foam plastic as drainage. Usually, I don't do this, but this pot had too many holes. Then I added a brick of coco and placed the pot in the bathtub. Then I showered the brick with hot water for quite a long time, stirred it so it became even, and watered it until the water became transparent. After that I watered the pot with cold water and let the water drain away. Next step is watering it with the nutrient mix and letting it drain away again. Then I made a hole of the same size as the cup, put the cup with the plant inside it, removed the cup, and voila – the plant has a new home now! You can also add some more soil if you need, and the next step is placing the pot under the lighting. Do not laugh at the SCROG, I know it is ugly, I will find something else later. The fan works fine, the temperature is 80F at daytime and 72 at night. Now, I'm waiting till it adapts and starts growing.
Vegetation, 1 week
Lowryder 2 (hybrid) from Vision Seeds