We grow slowly

Dec 7, 2016
It is the end of the week and the plant grows slowly but steadily. My today's 5-liter nutrient mix looks like this: 3g PF, 1ml Bio-Bloom, 8ml Diamond Nectar, 2g Mineral Magic. Also, I sprinkled the leaves with sulfate-rich water 3ml/l 2-3 times a day. For the next couple of days, I expect a major increase in growth and fan leaves should appear. And again I messed up with the watering. It's just so strange that growing in an air-pot (even having such a small bunch) requires ample watering—about every 3 days. I'm just so moony these days because of the cold. But my mood is great no matter what! I cannot leave my babies unattended.
Vegetation, 3 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds