Vegetation start

Dec 7, 2016
Hey, everybody. It's the first week of vegetation already! Thank you for your attention. Let's see what I did this week. I started by preparing my medium. I mixed U-Gro coco with some cheap stuff from Sri Lanka. What can I say? The difference is colossal. First of all, the cheap stuff is very hard to rinse and to mash. Rinsing U-Gro, on the contrary, is very easy—the water is clear and the coco breaks up immediately. What I know for sure now is that I'll deny my greedy nature and will spend a few more bucks to buy quality coir. It's worth it, believe me. The coco coir is pure without anything mixed in it. For the drainage, I used Styrofoam. As the first fertilizer, I used the 2g/5l proportion. PPM was 400, but I didn't measure pH. I replanted my seedling too late. They were already too used to the cups. However, I think that soon enough they will adapt and shine in their new home. The babies are already very tall (it's because a couple of first days of their lives they spent in temporary boxes with the supplementary lighting).
Vegetation, 1 week
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds