Time flies by!

Dec 7, 2016
Hey! Time flies by! It's already week 5 of vegetation. The nutrient mixture remains the same. I only removed Bio-Bloom. My schedule told me that it should be used after the shift to the 12/12 cycle. And I want to prolong the vegetation period a little more. Okay, frankly speaking, I came here today with bad news. My second plant has gone insolent on me. It paid no attention to PF at all, said bye-bye to me, turned yellow, and withered. I put it into another box, flushed it, and feed with FloraNova and other available fertilizers. Now, back to Mazar and the good news. This lady likes the PF and sucks everything possible out of the coco. Considering my messed up watering regime, it is all going pretty well. If it shows bad results, I'll bring back FloraNova (I'm tempted to do it right now, but also determined to follow the schedule till the end.)
Vegetation, 5 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds