Pump for watering

Dec 7, 2016
Good morning, everyone. I have such a good mood today! After some testing, I decided to stick with the drip system. Right now, I turn on the pump every day and leave it working for 4 minutes in the evening. This week, I watered the plant every day with a lot of mixture and it liked the feeding very much. I am starting to think that my indica is almost always thirsty. I'm in love with the drip irrigation so far! No more watering cans and fights with thick leaves. I just fill the container with the mix and leave. I'll pay close attention to it for a few more days to be sure I can leave it. This is just a little experiment. Next time, I'll use the right covered container, light blocking tubes, pre-filters, and so on. And I'll definitely find a better pump. Till the next update!
Flowering, 5 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds