Dec 7, 2016
Hi, everybody. It is now the second week of pre-flowering. While we are waiting for the flowering, do not forget about fertilizing. This week's nutrients for 5 liters of water: 4g PF, 8ml Diamond Nectar, 1ml Bio-Bloom, 2g Mineral Magic. Besides, every day I sprinkle my plants and will continue to do so until they start flowering. My lady turns out to be a heavy drinker. It takes only a day (sometimes a day and a half) for it to make the coco as dry as a desert (I have a 15-liter air-pot). My schedule is pretty strict these days—in the evening, I feed my ladies with the nutrient mix; the next day, I sprinkle the leaves; the next morning, I flush them with water, and in the evening, it is nutrient watering again. As you see, I water them almost every day. This strain is the bushiest plant I have ever grown! I suppose it is a feature of the indica weed and not the result of generous feeding. But who knows, everything is possible. There are many, so many leaves; and nothing is falling off. Watering is quite troublesome because of that. I have to almost cut my way through the wilds with the watering can. The color of leaves is simply perfect. I'm proud. I have already flushed my plant with Flora Clean. When the plant flowers, I'll do it again. After all, fertilizers are minerals that can lead to salt buildup. Okay, now about the net. The plant took 10-11 meshes out of the 14 possible. I think, in a week, it will stretch for the whole box. Good luck with your plants!
Vegetation, 8 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds