It's HARVEST time!!

Dec 7, 2016
Harvest!! I'm sick right now, have a fever, cold, any other not so pleasant stuff going on. However, my mood is elated and thoughts are positive. And it is because of the harvest. In a week or two, I'll tell you the weight of my flowers, I'm positive that my suffering will give not less than 200 grams. I have a small plant that also has to be taken care of. I'm planning to grow it outdoors. It'll be my first time. Sadly, it is the end of my report. Now, time for the results. Weight: 240 grams of dry buds. Well, it's not a bad result. Previously, I had 400 grams from 2 plants. But I secretly hoped to get 300 grams. Hell with all this! PF is not working. I won't throw away all fertilizers, but Power Feeding Short Flowering is shit. Maybe it's because of coco coir, but the results are not impressive. Next time, I'll use Flora Nova. I know that this stuff works great. I want to grow a giant plant again. Maybe, it's because Mazar is indica that I'm not pleased. BTW, I'm smoking it right now, the effects are great.
Harvest, 20 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds
2HigherMountains Mar 2, 2017 6:55 PM
Wow buds are beautiful. I can wait for