I'm moving forward

Dec 7, 2016
Hello again! Okay, back to my plant. I cannot set up auto-watering for my system the right way. One day it's the tube that doesn't work, nest day it's the pump. I've already tried to fix it several times. When the pump worked, the timer didn't. I used a different timer, but it didn't work as well because of the socket. Then I had to plug it in somewhere else. Phew. I'm tired. But I did have a trip nevertheless (just for a couple of days). I set up the watering for 2 minutes instead of 4, but the plant is doing well. It is a little hungry, but I'll feed it properly soon. Though my experiments don't always go as planned, I'm moving forward. Slowly but steadily.
Flowering, 8 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds