1 month of flowering

Dec 7, 2016
Hey, bros! It's week 11 of my indica experiment. Vegetation took 7 weeks, the flowering has also crossed the 4-week border. Nutrition mix for 5 liters of water: 4-5g PF, 8ml Diamond Nectar, 1ml Bio-Bloom, 2g Mineral Magic. I moved the lamps a little up and put the drip irrigation system to the test. I used two containers filled with 5 liters of nutrients mix each, 2 fittings, 2 drop bottles, 2 6x4 hoses 2 meters each. I set up the system myself using only my imagination, duct tape, sewing awl, and liquid nails. I did a good job—everything works and drops every 10 seconds or so. My main purpose was to take a break from regular watering. And because I'm already sick of doing it every day. Besides, I'm planning a trip and have to see how it works beforehand. I'll be absent for about 10 days (hope that my lady will be ok without me).
Flowering, 4 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds