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Сhanged Mar 2, 2017
Strain: Indica Genetics: Afghani x Skunk1 Flowering period: 7-8 weeks THC content: 19% Harvesting time: late October Height: moderate (up to 4 meters) Flowering odor: moderate The Mazar strain has shown itself as a top-performer at multiple cannabis awards. It took the second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1990 and also was a runner-up at Highlife Cup in 2002. These results point to a strain with great potential. This indica strain is the result of crossing Afghani and Skunk. However, this plant has a more delicate flavor than the other products of this couple. Another pleasant surprise that this plant brings you is its appearance—your homegrown lady will resemble a Christmas tree covered in a lot of resin. Despite its average height, this strain has a pretty good yield and, in general, is a great choice. Box: 77''/47''/59'' Lighting: 2 lamps: Sylvania SHP-TS 250W GroLux and Sunmaster, supplementary lighting: 2 Osram Fluora 36W, 2 Sylvania Aquastar 36W. Air supply: right now I have 3x12 cm component coolers with fans on top of the box (for the outflow), an in-line duct fan TD-Silent 250 for my lamps, and cool tubes. Also, I have some other blowers that I rearrange from time to time imagining that I'm a real engineer. Humidity: 40-70% Temperature: 64-82ºF Lighting Cycle: 16/8 Fertilizers: GHS Powder Feeding Short Flowering and magnesium sulfate (also known as Epsom salt). You may also use some nutrients and stimulants from General Hydroponics Europe. If your plant is in really bad condition, you may try FloraNova or Flora Series. Medium: pure coco coir (peat) Supplies: timer, TDS meter, pH meter, microscope, ScrOG, magnifiers, thermometer, hygrometer, watering can, air-pot. Cannabis Seeds: Mazar (feminized) from Error Seeds As always, I started the process by germinating my seeds, which means soaking them between two sponges placed in a zip-lock. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the bag, but the seeds germinated pretty well in about a day and a half. Then, I planted them in cups filled with nutrient-rich potting soil. I do not like to wait at all, so I did not put them too deep. The next day, my seeds sprouted but did not lose the shells for three hours. It probably happened at night when I was sleeping. In the morning, my seedlings still had husks on them, so I had to help get them off. Guys! I need your help with PF for coco coir—I'm not sure that my proportions are correct. I'm going to use 0.4g/l, I hope it's okay. Hell, my water is as smooth as a baby's skin! PPM is only 90. I've heard that this means that it lacks calcium. Do not know what to do. Any advice? Okay, let's move on!
Harvest, 20 weeks
Mazar (indica) from Errors seeds
AdminWGH Dec 27, 2016 5:40 AM
Good report, bro.
AnjanaStrong Mar 2, 2017 9:41 AM
Thank you!
  • Harvest
    20 weeks
  • It's HARVEST time!!
    Dec 7, 2016
    Harvest!! I'm sick right now, have a fever, cold, any other not so pleasant stuff going on. However, my mood is elated and thoughts are positive. And it is because of the harvest. In a week or two, I'll tell you the weight of my flowers, I'm positive that my suffering will give not less than 200 grams. I have a small... Read more
  • Flowering
    12 weeks
  • Hey, guys! I finally tried my Mazar! And took some photos! I'll write my report today because tomorrow I'll visit the world of shrooms and won't be able to write anything. I still use Ripen (the same proportions) and will flush the plant with Flora Clean soon. And then comes the best part—cutting down my lady. The b... Read more
  • Flowering
    11 weeks
  • My lady is okay
    Dec 7, 2016
    t's been a week of feeding Ripen. I used it following the label directions (60ml/10l). PPM 900-1000. I thinned the plant and will do it again if necessary. Some leaves were yellow and I cut almost all of them. I'll post some photos and go for a vacation for the weekend. My lady will be okay without me now. I'll use R... Read more
  • Flowering
    10 weeks
  • I'm super excited.
    Dec 7, 2016
    Hey, fellow growers! It's already time for my update. I think tomorrow is the day to start giving Ripen! I'm super excited.
  • Flowering
    9 weeks
  • It's the end of the week. I flushed the plant with Flora Clean (3ml/10l). In a few days, in week 17, I'll introduce Ripen. My lady already has beautiful buds and drinks less. Now, I can water her every other day but with plenty of water. Just another week or two and the flowering is done. We are almost at the finishing... Read more
  • Hi, yet another update. The plant is growing so slowly. And there are still no hairs. Maybe it's because of my watering troubles. The timer is stubborn as hell. I'll buy a mechanical one next time. As for this growing, I'll struggle with what I have. I'm not sure what to do with PF, should I lower the amount? Nutrit... Read more
  • Flowering
    8 weeks
  • I'm moving forward
    Dec 7, 2016
    Hello again! Okay, back to my plant. I cannot set up auto-watering for my system the right way. One day it's the tube that doesn't work, nest day it's the pump. I've already tried to fix it several times. When the pump worked, the timer didn't. I used a different timer, but it didn't work as well because of the sock... Read more
  • Flowering
    7 weeks
  • Hey, guys! Wish you luck! I don't know what to write this time. Nothing has changed, it's just a weekly update to tell you that everything is okay.
  • Flowering
    6 weeks
  • Yup, it's already time for my weekly update. Actually, nothing has changed. My plant is still growing and gaining weight. Yesterday, I cleaned the coir with Flora Clean (3ml/l). I used 10 liters cause I suspect that there is a buildup somewhere. The plant lost a few leaves at the bottom but the rest is going well. W... Read more
  • Flowering
    5 weeks
  • Pump for watering
    Dec 7, 2016
    Good morning, everyone. I have such a good mood today! After some testing, I decided to stick with the drip system. Right now, I turn on the pump every day and leave it working for 4 minutes in the evening. This week, I watered the plant every day with a lot of mixture and it liked the feeding very much. I am starting... Read more
  • Flowering
    4 weeks
  • 1 month of flowering
    Dec 7, 2016
    Hey, bros! It's week 11 of my indica experiment. Vegetation took 7 weeks, the flowering has also crossed the 4-week border. Nutrition mix for 5 liters of water: 4-5g PF, 8ml Diamond Nectar, 1ml Bio-Bloom, 2g Mineral Magic. I moved the lamps a little up and put the drip irrigation system to the test. I used two contai... Read more
  • Flowering
    3 weeks
  • Removing SCROG
    Dec 7, 2016
    It's the end of the week. I tried to remove the net once more and after hours of struggles, I finally did it. Serves you right, damn net! The lady is now supported by strings. My mess of a plant is not a mess anymore and the lights can finally reach new blossoms. Now, I can finally say that