Oh the places you'll go

Apr 29, 2017
So it's been crazy. Finally figured out PH and I made my temporary grow space a bit more cozy. #5 is into day 18 of flower. I flipped her by taking her out of the grow space and I placed her is a spot in my house that got direct morning sun and Full moon light (SE-ish facing). I let her just chill for a week (started this two days prior to the full moon). To be honest I wanted to slow her down! BUT She flipped quick and stretched like crazy. Steady PH 6.8 mostly roots organic sea bird guano (4tsd weekly since she flipped),local honey, molasses, and epson salt. I alternate between feedings with water.
Flowering, 2 weeks
Unknown tester/refresher. Old unnamed kIND bag seed I had. (hybrid)