First rule of grow, there is no grow.----Pop goes the weasel!

Jan 26, 2017
First of al I want to apologies for the lack of pic's, Im not use to sharing my grow. Two of the four seeds popped within the first 50 hours. The remaining seeds had cracked and were showing signs of life. Temps were between 67 and 79 with humility ranging from 32-38. Plastic cups, grow tray, and cover prep. 1. 100% vinegar spray let sit for about ten minutes then wiped down everything. 2. Cup prep included drainage holes and a coffee filter to keep my soil in. 3. I layer in the bottom 2inches of the cup with my regular soil then top the rest of the cup off with a seedling started soil mix. 4. Soaked the soil with a bottom watering in the tray. Don't rush this... I moved the seedlings in and gave a healthy dash of Great White Mycorrhizae and drizzled some tap water over each seedling. Temps are steady at 76 now with humility at 82. Each cup is numbered in no particular order. The two seedling that had cracked and not popped yet are labeled number 3 and 4. The other two are number 5 and 6. I also started some basil and cilantro for the kitchen shelf.
Vegetation, 1 week
Unknown tester/refresher. Old unnamed kIND bag seed I had. (hybrid)
RockMongrels Jan 26, 2017 7:46 AM
Happy growing Bro!
AdminWGH Feb 1, 2017 6:34 AM
I think all will be fine. Spray with water and take in warm place