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Outdoor in New England...cutting it close

–°hanged Aug 31, 2017
It's late, I know. This run started pre eclips so we are into our second weed. My other outdoor girls all flipped on their own. So this should be interesting. My Wife kicked me out of my grow room due to electricity expenses. I grow for me and now that my cannabis habits are out in the open my wife has the ability to pick at the cannabis expenses. It was the first year so lots of $$ went down the tube. I've got it dialed in now so next year I should be cheaper. Shit I'm off topic...K so all of the seedling popped within 12 hours in a cup of 6.3 PH'd water. Straight to soil Dixie cup for the Ninja cause it's a reg seed. The Critical Mass was placed in a 42 OZ pot (yougurt container upcycled) cause it's a fem. I prefer to transplant them into their final pot once they've outgrown their pots. guess the question is do I care if I get a ninja fruit male? Critical Fruit?LOL
Ocean Grown's Ninja fruit and CBD Crew's Critical Mass (hybrid) from IG: LumberJack and the CBD Crew seeds were a gift from a Patron Saint ;
Masta_Che Aug 31, 2017 11:55 AM
good luck