Jan 9, 2017 12:15 PM

Flush Your Home-Grown Cannabis Properly

Growing your legal weed at home? Looking for ways to select the best strains when shopping for marijuana? Let us introduce you to the concept of flushing—it will make all the difference. Flushing is a simple technique that provides a tasty vaping or smoking experience. Chemical and nutrient treatments can accumulate in the soil during the growth cycle. As a result, plants may become poor-quality and have an unhealthy look. Below are a few tips on how to flush your cannabis properly and recognize the bud that has undergone this treatment.

Flush Your Home-Grown Cannabis Properly

Flushing is a process of running water through the plant’s soil to clean your weed from the remaining chemicals and nutrients. The best time to begin flushing is somewhere between a few days and two weeks before collecting your harvest. During this time, you need to use only clean water that does not contain any traces of chemical products. The plants are usually ready for flushing when their trichomes are changing color from clear to white. Flushing can also be used to prevent nutrient burn in case of overfeeding.

Flushing is perhaps the simplest trick to get good-looking and smooth buds. The remaining chemicals can change the herb’s flavor and make it difficult to smoke. Using inorganic fertilizers that contain abrasive salts can sometimes make the plant hazardous for consumers with compromised immune systems.

However, the main reason why cultivators are flushing crops is to remove excess nutrients. When you give your plant a fertilizer, it takes only what it needs to grow, but much of the residual chemicals are left over. The imbalance of nutrients can damage the plant and affect its flavor and aroma. Moreover, flushing can help remove the remaining herbicide, pesticide and other insecticide treatments from soil, making your plant much healthier.

When you pick out cannabis in a dispensary, you can determine whether the buds have been flushed improperly. It is a good idea to choose another plant in the following cases:

  • The bud is difficult to light.
  • The remaining ash is not white.
  • Cannabis has a harsh taste and aroma.
  • You have a burning sensation in lungs and throat after consuming it.
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