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Choosing Best Cannabis Strains for Growing: Part 2

Once you have chosen the kind of seeds or clones you need, it is time to move on to other choices. The strain that fits you best should also fit your growing room or the conditions in your plat. Therefore, let us have a look at the properties you should take into account when designing your future cannabis garden.

Cannabis plant

Height of the plants

One of the essential features you should care about is the height of the plant. Some strains grow to be tall monsters while others remain relatively short. To make your plants shorter, you can apply different growing techniques like Sea of Green or Screen of Green. However, if you are a newbie, it may be too difficult as it requires certain skills, a lot of attention, and quite a bit of time spent in your garden.

Growing outdoors also sometimes requires certain height limits. For example, you may not want your neighbors to know about your cannabis garden. You may also have other reasons, but in any case, you had better pay attention to how tall your chosen plants will be when they are fully grown.

In most cases, breeders label seeds with instructions. Some breeders even note what height of the plant you may expect when growing indoors and outdoors, because the difference always exists, and sometimes, it can be drastic. Most strains grow higher outside, so if it is said that the strain goes up to 150-180 cm high, you may expect it to reach 180 cm only when growing it outdoors.

Some of the relatively short strains are:

How to Prune Marijuana Plants
How to Prune Marijuana Plants
Whatever tips or rules you read about pruning your marijuana plants, the goal should be one: make your plants give you the biggest yield.

Flowering time

You can find the time when a plant needs to be switched to the flowering mode on the seeds’ label or in the numerous descriptions of the strain on the Internet. Sometimes, it is wiser to judge whether the plant is ready to flower by its height, but this can be too sophisticated for a newbie grower.

Obviously, the more time your plants require to be switched to the flowering regime, the more you need to wait to get the yield. Some growers think that the longer cannabis grows, the bigger reward they get in return. However, there are plenty of strains nowadays that are well-balanced and can provide you with a nice yield within just a few months.

It is different with auto-flowering strains, as they switch to the flowering mode only when they are “programmed” to do so. If you grow this kind of strain indoors, you may know for sure when it is harvest time. However, if you grow autos outdoors, it does not mean that you will get the yield despite all the other conditions. Even autos will not switch to the flowering mode if it is cold and too rainy outside. So you had better plan the planting time in such a way that your cannabis is ripe before the temperature goes below 65°F.

Some of the strains with a relatively short flowering time are:

Flowering Cannabis: How to Determine Flowering Stages?
Flowering Cannabis: How to Determine Flowering Stages?
What can be more amazing than flowering cannabis plants in your grow room? Oh, yes, only the dried weed buds that are ready for consuming. Probably, all weed growers will agree that flowering is the most important stage of growth when it comes to marijuana.

Quality and quantity of yield

This should probably be the first characteristic of the strain you have to take into consideration when choosing your first garden; however, the task is not as easy as it might seem.

If you are new to growing cannabis at home, and you have limited space for your project, you might want to use every square meter with the highest efficiency. But a big amount of yield, unfortunately, does not always mean good quality, so you should decide what is more important to you. Many of the best strains that provide an extremely powerful product deliver a very low yield. So it is up to you to decide what is more important to you.

As we have mentioned before, auto-flowering strains almost never provide a big yield.
Autos are the cross between usual indica/sativa strains and their wild relatives, which give very little yield but do not depend on the light regime. So you should also choose whether you want easy growing but medium reward, or you are ready to give your garden more time and attention and get a greater harvest in the end.

What can also influence your decision is the price: the heavier the yield, the more expensive are the seeds/clones. However, if you are going only for the big yield, here are some strains that can give you a great reward:

Pure Power Plant (hybrid)

Big Bud (indica)

Northern Lights #5 (hybrid)

Ed Rosental Super Bud (hybrid)

White Diesel (hybrid)

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