Feb 7, 2018 12:00 PM

Cannabis Trends To Look Out For This 2018

Increase In Demand For Recreational Marijuana

There is an expected increase in marijuana demand as the young generations are replacing alcohol with marijuana. According to the news, beer has declined its sales in several states where marijuana is legal. There is about 51 percent of the millennial generation that chooses to use marijuana over alcohol. It is by far safer to use marijuana as compared to other substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Higher Demand For Medical Marijuana

There is also an expected increase in the use of marijuana for healthcare purposes. It has been seen that patients using Medical Marijuana felt the effectiveness of the plant. In fact, in countries where it is legal, such as Hawaii, they ran out of product and had to close temporarily. More companies are also in the process of cannabis-based development of pharmaceutical drugs that would expand the plant’s role in the healthcare industry. For countries that are about to legalized cannabis, the demand is expected to grow more this 2018.

Evolution Of Cannabis Agriculture

In the field of growing cannabis, there is an adaptation and development of new technology for cannabis agriculture. This is one of the most awaited cannabis trends 2018 by many. Farms can be transformed into factories of cannabis with the use of the internet. Growers can manage the operations and make changes in the water cycles, temperatures, air intake to their gardens through the use of their mobile gadgets. Gone are the days when farmers had to wake up early and adjust to the different weather conditions. There is an increase in indoor growing as outdoor planting has its risks. There are various technologies today that provide an almost perfect environment for the cultivation of plants indoors. Lighting is one of the most prominent needs for plant growth. Lightings such as COB Led are proven to contribute to the success of indoor gardening.

However, due to the high cost of automated technology, homegrown cannabis, and other outdoor growing methods will still grow. Due to the preferences of uses, flavors for cannabis are expected to evolve. People will expect more of the organically grown ones for the protection of their health. For best growth of cannabis plants, various gardening techniques are necessarily employed. Plants are often infested by pests that make their growth poor. Natural and organic pest removal is necessary to keep the cannabis plants retain its flavor and safe for consumption. Others also put their cannabis inside a grow tent to keep the plants safe from unwanted pests.

Expansion Of Cannabis Legalization

Last on our list of cannabis trends 2018 is the expansion of the legalization process. There is an expected growth in the market for cannabis as several states and countries are in the process of legalizing marijuana. Moreover, there will be an increase in legit cannabis products. The CEO of The Blinc Group, Sasah Aksenov, stated that,

“In 2018, consumers will see more branded cannabis products than ever as mainstream brands and celebrities enter the market with new products… As competition increases, so should product quality and consistency.”

2018 is expected to be a year of CBD. There is an expected skyrocketing of the home grown weed growing for cannabis in 2018 as there are various legalization measures that are being processed.

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