Oct 9, 2016 9:40 AM

Canadian College to Start Weed Growing Program Next Year

A college in New Brunswick, Canada, is going to launch a marijuana growing course in order to graduate professional growers for working at local cannabis companies.

Canadian College to Start Weed Growing Program Next Year

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According to Michel Doucet from the French-language College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, this program will be instituted next year when Canada legalizes adult use of cannabis.

The Canadian government headed by prime minister Justin Trudeau has previously promised to introduce the legalization of recreational marijuana by next spring.

Currently, only medical use of weed is legal in the country, but Canadian companies are waiting for the pot market to grow after the recreational use of cannabis becomes legal. If it happens, cannabis companies will expand their business facilities.

This summer, the government of New Brunswick made a $3.03 million investment in a medical cannabis business that will provide up to 208 new workplaces in the province.

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The school wants to graduate qualified employees in order to meet the demands of the marijuana industry and will start a new course on cannabis cultivation. This program will not be mainstream; its goal is to train specialized employees, not to educate every student on this matter. Currently, the program is still under development, and the school is considering the course length and the class size, as well as its frequency and other details.

Canadian colleges grant their students with diplomas instead of degrees, but the school's representative says that they are still considering if this program will be fully included in the diploma or not.

The growth of the marijuana industry may be beneficial for the province, as New Brunswick constantly suffers from a weak economy, the main reasons for which are brain drain and decreasing population.

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