May 6, 2016 8:35 AM

Bonsai Cannabis: How to Grow Your Own Weed Plant

Cultivating cannabis is an extremely interesting experience, but you can also make it more exciting if you manage to grow bonsai marijuana from any strain you want. It may sound impossible, but a cannabis plant can grow into almost any shape you can imagine. All you need is just a little bit of effort and patience, and your friends will be impressed with your “high” bonsai weed tree.

Bonsai Cannabis: How to Grow Your Own Weed Plant

Bonsai marijuana gives many benefits to its grower: it is small but still gives plenty of buds, it has medicinal properties, and it looks quite eye-catching. To start your growing experiment, you need to have a baby cannabis plant planted in a pot, gardening rope or wire covered in plastic, a drill with small drill bit, and a thin wooden stake. If you are ready, let us get started!

Make Holes in Pot

Prepare your pot by making a series of holes in its top edge with a drill. You will later run the gardening rope or wire through these holes so make sure it fits in them.

Adjust Weed Trunk

First of all, to make your baby weed plant look like a real bonsai tree, you need to use a small wooden stake that will train the plant’s trunk.

Press the stake down into the soil where your baby plant is growing. Do it very gently to avoid root damage. After your stake is in the pot, you can wrap the cannabis trunk around it in the shape you need. Put a piece of wire or rope through the nearest hole in the pot. Wrap the rope or wire around the plant and tie in place. This will train the trunk and make it grow in any shape you position it.

Train Plant Branches

To create a bonsai shape, you also need to pay attention to the plant’s branches. Some branches may need individual training when your marijuana tree continues to grow. Put your wire or rope through the holes in the pot to adjust the weed branches in the direction you want them to grow. You can create any design you envision. To make a branch grow taller, do not tie it down too much. If you wish to make a more horizontal shape, then you need to tie it down with more pressure.

Shape Branches If Necessary

If you want your plant to look like a real bonsai tree, you can also prune back new branches during their growing. Be careful with your scissors; do not snip off the main branch, as your plant will be irreversibly damaged. You can cut only the new branches that grow out of a primary branch. Use a pair of sharp scissors to make this process less traumatizing for the plant.

If you do everything right, your tree will get an awesome bonsai shape and have improved air flow. Good air circulation will make your cannabis plant less susceptible to humidity and mold.

Reap Your Harvest

When your bonsai marijuana successfully blossoms, pay your careful attention to the trichomes covering your plant's flowers. When they become milky white, it is the right time to snip off the flowers. Let the weed dry in the room with good ventilation by hanging it upside down. Your buds will be ready for curing when you can snap the stem with your fingers. Place the buds in glass jars, close them tightly, and put them in a dark place with low humidity. Check the humidity level in the jars every day and open them if necessary. When the buds become half-dry but remain sticky, you can start using them. Now, all you efforts are awarded not only with delicious cannabis but also with the beautifully-looking marijuana bonsai tree.

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