Apr 13, 2017 12:15 PM

Best Tips for Storing Cannabis

Together with the changes in cannabis legislation, new tasks and problems arise in the industry. More and more people are starting to grow weed, and the question of how to store it is becoming significant.

When you ask growers, you will find out that there is no one right way of storing buds. There is a great number of tips, methods, and practices, and each of them works fine, at least under certain conditions.

Why bother?

Why are there so many ways? Why cannot we just put weed into jars and forget about it until we need it? The thing is, cannabis, like many other plants, is picky about the level of humidity. If the place of storage is too humid, it creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to develop. As you can understand, that pretty much equals to ruined buds.

At the same time, when the moisture level is too low, the weed gets too crispy and fragile, the trichomes (tiny hairs that are responsible for marijuana's effects) become overly dry and brittle, and terpenes and cannabinoids start to decompose. As a result, the cannabis becomes less effective, and you may feel disappointed when consuming it.

We have assembled several most popular and most effective tips on how to keep your weed in its best condition and not have to worry about all the dangers that can ruin it.

10 Useful Tips: Art of Storing Cannabis Seeds
10 Useful Tips: Art of Storing Cannabis Seeds
Storing cannabis seeds is almost the same as storing a treasure: these little “magic beans” are not only valuable by themselves, they are a great investment in your future cannabis stash. This is why it is so important to store them properly and safely.

The most common and practical tips

The Do's:

  • You can keep your weed in the refrigerator in a well-locked container. The low temperature will allow preventing the development of mold and mildew.
  • As for the containers, it is better to choose glass jars with a wide mouth. Glass is inert and does not interact with cannabis.
  • Non-static polymer bags are a great option for storing marijuana. Though they are not as solid as glass, they do not create electricity, and the buds can remain in the same condition as they were when you put them in the bag.
  • You can add some dry citrus peels to the weed in case you want to enrich it with some new aromatic notes. However, the peels should be really dry.

The Don'ts:

  • Storing your weed in the freezer is a bad idea. The trichomes become too brittle and can easily break off the buds.
  • Do not use food containers or sandwich bags. They are made from plastic that creates static electricity. This electricity will make the tiny trichomes fall off the buds.
  • Tin cans may look like a great place for storing weed, but it is good only for a short period of time. They let in too much oxygen, and after a while, your cannabis can dry out and lose a significant part of its potency.
  • Do not add fresh fruit or vegetable peels to the container with weed. They have too much moisture and will promote the development of mildew. Apart from this, fruit particles can damage the aromatic and flavor composition of your weed.
  • If you store weed in transparent containers, keep it away from UV light that can ruin the structure of the weed.

7 Ways to Add Moisture to Dry Weed
7 Ways to Add Moisture to Dry Weed
If you have ever stored weed for a long time, you may have experienced the sad situation when your marijuana becomes too dry, ready to crumble from any tiny shake. This problem troubles not only sellers or growers but also the average users who, for instance, move nugs from a moist to a dry climate.

How to store weed in a budget way

In dispensaries and other stores, you may find all kinds of storage containers, but a regular mason jar with a wide mouth remains the most common one. It will perfectly fit everyone who needs to store a small amount of cannabis.

First, sterilize the jar with boiling water, dry it, put your weed inside, and add 55-62 percent 2-way humidity control packets. The most famous are Integra Boost and Boveda, but if you have others, use them on the condition that they fit the RH percentage.

As long as you have humidity control packets inside (you will need to change them once in a while), you can store your cannabis for years. That is why you should never forget to label every single jar with the name of the strain and the date you put it inside.

The benefits of a personal humidor

A personal humidor may cost more than humidity control packets, but it will be more financially sustainable after a while. However, you need to be careful with choosing the right humidor as not everything that is well-suited for tobacco is applicable to cannabis. For instance, the interior wood should be neutral, like mahogany, as tobacco humidors usually use cedar, which is meant to enhance the flavor.

You can use clean (reverse osmosis or bottled) water to hydrate the beads in a 50-percent RH bead system. The beads will keep the humidity in between 55 and 62 percent RH, and just like the 2-way humidity control packets, the beads will act as a desiccant and humidifier at the same time. When you use packets, you need to buy new ones every time they become out of use, and a personal humidor simply requires to be filled with water. You immerse beads into clean water until they automatically stabilize at around 50 percent RH and repeat this procedure every one or two weeks depending on the conditions in the room.

How to Store Marijuana Seeds
How to Store Marijuana Seeds
​Healthy seeds may provide you with a wonderful garden, but if they have not been stored properly, the results may be extremely poor. Marijuana seeds are not as picky as the plants, but sometimes a simple mistake is enough for you to risk losing your favorite strain.

Practices for commercial cannabis storage

The problems that companies face when storing large amounts of cannabis are pretty much the same as other growers have: they need to maintain proper conditions for cured cannabis by controlling the temperature, access of fresh air, light, and humidity. All these factors can influence the terpene and cannabinoids content.

The best practice for large amounts of weed is to vacuum seal it in batches (for instance, one pound per batch) and keep them all in a cool, dark place. Sometimes, it is essential to displace oxygen with nitrogen inside the storage containers: this way, the appearance of mold and mildew becomes almost impossible, and compound degradation significantly decreases.

It can also be useful to obtain a monitoring hydrometer. This way, you will always know the conditions in the storage room or container. These days, you can even find a product that synchronizes with your smartphone and notifies you when the RH level is above the norm.

7 Ways to Add Moisture to Dry Weed
If you have ever stored weed for a long time, you may have experienced the sad situation when your marijuana becomes too dry, ready to crumble from any tiny shake. This problem troubles not only sellers or growers but also the average users who, for instance, move nugs from a moist to a dry climate.
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