MastahJAHA asked 10 days ago in Seeds and Plants Subscribe
What is the Best Manure?

Is Goat's Manure, Cow's Manure, Chicken's Manure or Rabbit's Manure? Any sugestions guys? And how many days it needed to be use? Sorry for my bad English

GrowYourWeed answered 10 days ago

For using cow's manure it should be mixed with soil in 1/4 propotion. Then bury it  and wait for month. Then you can grow on it.

Chiken's manure you should mix with water. Let it infuse for few days and then water your plants in veg stage.

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HoTaB answered 10 days ago

20gr dry chicken manure for 1 liter of water to insist 2 days. Before use, dilute 10 liters of water per 1 liter of infusion. Carefully undiluted chicken infusion will ruin your plant!!!!

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Masta_Che answered 10 days ago

If you live on the farm, you can use goat manure poltry manure, cow manure horse manure, and make it into a tea ,if store bought i would go with sea gull or bat guano.


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