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I'm just a beginner and need your advice

Hi, fellow growers. I'm just a beginner and need your advice. I think I ruined half of my seeds. It is my first time growing, so I did not use all 6 seeds. I watched a few videos on the Internet. First I took two seeds and squeezed them a little to open the rootlet. Then I took one more and filed it like a nail. After that, I put all of them into a glass of water. Two seeds opened up a little. Just like in a tutorial, I put the two of them in wet paper. The last one was left in the water.

One seed had a small rootlet already, or so I think. I planted it in a small container. Waited for 24 hours, nothing happened. The seed in a paper towel is not changing at all. The one in the water is also not germinating. My only hope is the potted seed.

Please, tell me what I should do with the rest of the seeds not to ruin them. Maybe, I should put them directly into the soil? Can I still hope that my experiment seeds will germinate?

GrowYourWeed answered Apr 6, 2017 6:50 AM

Don't go overboard. Take those 3 seeds and throw them into a glass of water. When they sink (in about 5-6 hours), take 2 sponges, wet them a little, and place your seeds between them. Tie them up with a rubber or something and put this sandwich into a zip-lock. Before closing the package, breathe in it. In a couple of days, they'll be ready.

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Masta_Che answered May 17, 2017 11:36 AM

Ok 1) put it in a cup of tap water for 24 hours on top of fridge,2) put it on a plate with a layer of paper towel on the bottom n one on top once u put them on it after the first 24 hours,and also leave it on top of fridge or somewhere dark like a cabainet,3) make sure paper towel stays humid until rootlets pop out at least an eighth 1/8" then transplant to soil or rockwool, and spray it when soil is a bit light and dry until they emerge from the ground, hope this works for you.

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