Masta_Che asked May 17, 2017 12:03 PM in Seeds and Plants Subscribe

What is the best formula to clon plants to give me a high rooting percentage without the plants rotting out,

48Photons answered May 18, 2017 8:47 AM

The key is to keep them off the water. This is my latest clone kit. Remember the plant will fed itself from the moisture in the air. This food container has a deep ridge on the side for water and it's top keeps the moisture in. When cloning in soil or in this case seed pelits it's going to take a bit longer for roots. Typically for me it's about 15 days. I keep them air tight for three days. Then after the tenth day I'll open the container up to the air and foliar spray with 6.8 ph water twice a day. At day 15 if the roots haven't showed up on the sides of the seed pelits I'll give her five more days before I transplant her . Good luck these two are 6 days old.  I've seen all kinds of DIY cloning boxes, learn and adapt to your climate and in the words of Fadah Mike, be creative! Quick update the last photo was taken today day eight, check out the roots popping out the side and no yellow leaves!  For  techniques on cutting your clones we grow hub has a great tutorial.  I just defoliated and cut new clothes today, I should've taken pictures for ya.  Good luck!  UPDATE here is my mutant I just cloned.  Step one clean your stuff, cut shaded branches or bottom branches that will never catch-up.  Have 6.8 PH water ready to place your cutting in right away. My clone kit is short and I want them to take their time growing so I cut them short-my preference doesn't have to be yours.  45  degree angle cut at the base of a leaf set.  I like to cut it just below the leaf set. Trim off the leaves with razor taking part of the top layer of skin on the branch is ok but take it easy.  I like to scrap it off the top layover later.  The key for me is I want to remain in control and not slice it off.  I userooting powder cause I feel I can see it on there and for some reason I have better luck. Shelf life is longer etc.  the rest of the pics explain the next steps. I like seedling pellets because I can see the roots so I waist no time getting them in soil.  Other cloning processes leave you guessing sometime.  With the powder you can sprinkle just a bit where you stick the clone in. Give it a slight squeeze and a  foliar spray the close the top and walk away.  My light cycle is 16 on and eight off cause it's in my veg area.  Works for me. Good luck

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Masta_Che answered May 18, 2017 11:01 AM

so far i done it and they dont seem to happy about it, but hope fully they pop soon the roots, if not plly change the rooting compound that is being applied to it

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GrowYourWeed answered May 19, 2017 7:33 AM

I usually use clonex for cloning. Cut branch with min 3 Interstitials, dip in clonex and insert in soil. 

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Jason Newton answered Oct 21, 2017 5:48 AM

iam a master but i usauul use clonex,theb dip in root powder,cut at 45 deg angle 3 in or so,insert into rock wool.put in tray if u use one an add lid.i use the tray  and heat pad under it.i have a bunch of clones ready to pot,thier for sale,some are already in 4 in cups,and pretty as hell,amneisa haze clone,indoor plenty .give ya good deal.

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