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When is it time to harvest start flushing?

So this Friday will mark 7 weeks in flower cycle.  My guess is she is a sativa dominate strain because of the leaves.  I know she isn't happy with me curled tips of leaves, with some nutrient burn.  My soil was too hot when I transplanted her during week 4 of the flowering cycle-so stupid.  I have flushed her with five gallons of 6.8 PH water with Mammoth P micros at the end of week five and six.  I hoped to soften the hot soil but I don't think it helped.  Her off spring are happy and healthy and I've learned a lot from this run.  I'm watching her to minimize any yellowing of bud leaves but I'm just not sure when to harvest.  


The frost and smell is amazing.  Sticky with a sweet fruity smell.  Kinda like a pinnapple.  In week five the smell was more like a really ripe Pinnapple but it's chilled out now and isn't so sickly sweet.  Keeping my flower room dry humity levels are set between 40-50 and just watching her pack on frost.  Thank you for your time and advice in advance.

Masta_Che answered May 31, 2017 10:34 AM

SO far beautiful, ok let me help u with the next grow but before i do get a microscope and figure out how the trichome production looks like, she should be 70% milky 30% amber to get that maximum thc production, also flush her one week before harvest which shpuld be the end of next friday, shes in a 5 flush her with 15 gallons. now when u switch to flower on the next crop, transplant her the same day you will flip her, that way the stress from transplant and for the beginning of flower time pass at the same time, after that you should be good. i recommend going from a 3 to a 7 or a 5 to a 10, u would want to at least double the size not the next size up, other than that yeah just get a magnify glass and check her trichomes friday. and enjoy the smoke.

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