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Low Budget growing beginners set up

Hi everyone,
I'm a noob with growing but i have read for years many and many things about growing. But there's always the same problem: budget. Now, my goal is to grow one or two autos and I'm not raelly intresting to make the biggest harvest of my life, so I don't care about grow set up based on quantities. I just want create a cheap system that hide smells. For light, i think to position my plants where sun goes in from windows (I live in a small attic so neighbours are not a problem, because no one can see inside, but i can't put my ladies out of the windows).
It would be great if you could give me some advice on how to organize me about smell (no smell in the whole apartment) without buy expensive carbon filter and light management using natural sunlight without buying artificial HPS/Led light :)
I hope there's someone that had made it before and i hope that my answer is not too stupid..
Thanks everybody in advance!

khalabala answered Mar 1, 2019 5:52 AM

mehh i don't think you can smell manage etc. while still using sunlight as a light source. I would recommend you setup a tent.  and find a suitable led grow light using this guidelines. I can personally recommend the bestva 600w.

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